Columbia Orchestra for Kids

While we're home and can't be together, we'd like to provide some musical resources for you!

Our education program is made possible through generous corporate sponsorships from Northrop Grumman Employees Charity Organization (ECHO), BGE, and Coldwell Banker. Constellation Energy provides additional funding for our In-School Concerts and Elville Center for the Creative Arts sponsors the Young People’s Concert narration and dancers.

The Columbia Orchestra Pre-School Program

For our pre-school audience

Did you know that small ensembles from the Orchestra present Meet the Instrument programs at local pre-schools and libraries? Since we couldn't visit in person this past year, we recorded the concert for you to watch at home or in school! Watch our youtube video here!

The Columbia Orchestra Education Blog

For our pre-school and elementary school audience

Visit our blog every week to see new posts about the different families of instruments, composers, and how to read music. So far, we've learned: about the string, brass, and woodwind instruments, about Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven, and the note names in the treble and bass clef and rhythm!

The Columbia Orchestra In-School Concert

For our elementary school audience

Each year, the Columbia Orchestra gives 2 performances of a free concert for 3rd graders in Howard County Public Schools and it's one of our favorite days of the year! Students learn about rhythm and major/minor modes and even get to conga! Since we can't be together this year, we're sharing part of the concert recorded in 2017. We hope you and your students enjoy this virtual field trip to the Orchestra!

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