2013 American Composer Competition

The Columbia Orchestra is pleased to announce that Michael Djupstrom is the winner of its 2013 American Composer Competition for his work Scène et Pas de Deux. Djupstrom's winning composition was written in 2010, and will be performed by the Columbia Orchestra on February 1 and 2, 2014. We wish to thank the 119 composers who submitted their work to the competition.

The Sixth Columbia Orchestra American Composer Competition

Winner: Michael Djupstrom: Scène et Pas de Deux


  • Lee Actor: Circus Symphonicus
  • Michael-Thomas Foumai: Big Rip
  • Alexander Elliott Miller: Wanderings of the Mind While Attempting to Ruminate on a Painting of Dali
  • Matthew Peterson: Hyperborea
  • Christopher Rogerson: Noble Pond
  • Carl Schimmel: Woolgatherer's Chapbook
  • Paul Siskind: Fantasia Oscurata su una nota sbagliata
  • Benjamin Taylor: Leaving White

American Composer Competition History

The Columbia Orchestra began its American Composer Competition in 2003 to help promote new American works both locally and across the United States. The winning work receives its first, second, or third public performance, thereby expanding the performance history for music worthy to be heard again and again. The winner also receives a cash prize and an additional stipend if attendance at the concert and rehearsals is possible.

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